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Amy Brock Devine


Amy Brock-Devine has been displaying the love of God since 1995 and overseas full-time since 2005. Beginning in Argentina, serving in China, training in Australia, and now with her heart firmly planted in Asia, she has been serving her beloved Thailand since 2009.

Amy’s work involves preventing child-trafficking and transforming the lives of children at risk through education, relationships and opportunity. Her heart is to start schools all over Asia so that this continent would know the deep love of Jesus that came to heal us and set us free!

Now she is a part of The School of Promise, a Thai Christian elementary school in a small outer community of Chiang Mai, under Hope International Schools and on the development team for future campuses.

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Her mission is to see the nations transformed through education that establishes the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven. Following Isaiah 61:9, so that “their descendants will be known among the nations and… will acknowledge that they are a people the Lord has blessed.”

The focus is simple — love God and love people. Amy sees her role as becoming what that love looks like and teaching that to others. She believes that through the children coming to know the true love and power of Jesus Christ, the nations will transform.





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