Go Global with CTEN

A simple path to the field

If you are interested in serving as a missionary with Commission To Every Nation, we welcome your inquiry.
Our desire is to make it simple and straightforward for you to get to the mission field.

Steps To The Field


Short-term Trip


Invitation from an
Established Ministry

For new missionaries we need an invitation from a ministry that will oversee your adjustment to the country and provide a place for you to serve.



Call us if you have questions. When you know you can acquire all required documents, begin your application.



All missionaries attend an orientation where we will help you get a great start with CTEN and in missions. We will work with you to set a date for you to attend one of our orientations held at the home office in Kerrville, Texas.

We help make the process as simple as possible.

Once we receive your application one of our pastoral care couples will walk you through the entire process.
They will be available to answer questions, consult with you about concerns and schedule you for an upcoming orientation.

Established Missionaries

Occasionally missionaries already serving on the field find themselves in a position where they need to find a new mission with which to affiliate. We welcome your inquiry if:

  • you are leaving your current mission with a good relationship to the best of your ability.
  • you are related to a local church.
  • you are related to local North American church who will provide a recommendation.

New Missionaries

If you are interested in going into missions service, Commission To Every Nation requires two things:

  • A recommendation from your pastor or Church mission staff.
  • An invitation from an established ministry on the field.

We prefer an initial commitment of at least 2 years.

CTEN USA and CTEN Canada - Two agencies with one heart and one mission.


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