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Jason and Jenn Byers

Jason and Jenn are serving a second term with their family in the Northeastern region of Thailand. The local people call this area Isaan. The majority of the people of the people that live in this area are Thai-Lao and speak the Isaan dialect. In the Byers’ first term, they were part of a church planting team in a rural Isaan district. When they go back to the field in the fall of 2016, they will first land in Chiang Mai (Northern Thailand) and continue their Thai language studies. Jason will also be involved in a local ministry. After that period, they will join their new team in Kalasin Province. The team is praying how they can best reach the Isaan. They are praying about doing church planting in a new, rural district, or serving in the city where they would focus on youth and/or prison outreach.

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