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Ethan and Dariia Leavitt

The Leavitt family is consumed by a singular passion to show and proclaim the gospel by laying down their lives for the fatherless in Ukraine.

The fatherless that is their life’s work. Through adoption, Ethan and Dariia will rescue hopeless children and display God’s lavish love and glorious good news to all. Accompanying that visual presentation, the Leavitts boldly proclaim the gospel of Jesus, that God himself rescues fatherless, fearful and hopeless sinners by laying down his life to bring them into his family and call them His own.

Ethan comes from a small town in Washington state, from a family of believers and is himself a third generation missionary. Dariia is from Rivne, a city in northwestern Ukraine. She came to fall in love with her Maker after being invited to church by her best friend. In 2006, Ethan left his home to serve the church in Ukraine. During weekly visits to a boarding school for disabled children he and Dariia met and got to know each other. They married in 2009 and two years later became parents when their beautiful daughter Eve was born.

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