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Geoff and Rita Doppenberg

It is the goal of the Doppenberg Family to address the plague of malnutrition directly through educational programs for the indigenous Mayan population of Guatemala focusing on nutrition and agriculture. This is done through a Community Empowerment Program which provides villagers with a hand up and not a hand out, and now, by establishing a “School of  Hope” (Escuela de Esperanza).  The School of Hope is both a School for the forgotten and most times hidden Special Needs children of Guatemala AND a place where they will hold Education Seminars on health, nutrition, education and host medical clinics, dental clinics etc.  By providing access to educational programs this will aid the indigenous people to learn not only what to do but how to do it using the tools they already possess. The people are introduced first to basic concepts of health and nutrition and then providing with education and practical ways to plant, raise and prepare foods to empower them to become healthy and self-sustaining once more as their ancestors were.

Geoff has owned and operated a contracting company in Canada and uses his construction skills extensively in Guatemala. Rita is pursuing her degree in Nutritional Medicine and primarily teaches people to plant crops and maintain a diet that provide the highest nutritional value and use natural medicine to help heal existing problems. Their boys, Zack, Luke and Gabe are active and integral parts of their ministry and each uses their talents to the best of their ability to serve in Guatemala.

Their mission simply stated is, “To work toward abolishing malnourishment in Guatemala by addressing immediate need and then helping people become self-sustaining through education and empowerment. To work together with people in North America to empower their hearts & minds for service in developing nations so together we can make this world a better place”.

The Doppenberg family hosts teams or individuals of all ages and skill sets who have a heart for service and want to help. Every day this family thanks God for the privilege of being able to be His hands and feet in Guatemala.



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