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Philip and Eunice Raiford

Phil and Eunice Raiford are church planters among the Mixe people in Oaxaca, Mexico. Phil came to Mexico in 2005 where he underwent a three year apprenticeship in missions. He has worked with several indigenous groups helping disciple and plant churches. Eunice is from Oaxaca and went to medical school in the capital. Early in her youth, she always wanted to be a doctor, helping people with limited resources. They currently live in the village, San Juan Juquila Mixes with their son Ian. There they work among the people, Phil building relationships and discipling men, working alongside them in construction and farming. Eunice is the beloved doctor who treats patients from the medical clinic and pharmacy the Raiford’s founded (the first private clinic in the area). Eunice treats all types of patients from several different villages. Together they share the gospel by living with the people as they live, showing that Christ’s love is stronger, more forgiving and gracious than the oppressive spirits that rule their lives. The goal of the work in Juquila is self sustaining, reproducible indigenous churches.

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