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Pedro and Ana

Pedro and Ana are native Guatemalans of Mayan ancestry that work to bring the New Testament to the Mayan peoples of Guatemala.

Pedro started translating the New Testament into his native language, Tzutujil, in 1982. He worked with an American translation team, but also received help from his wife Ana.

The project was completed in 1993. Today the Tzutujil people enjoy hearing the Gospel in their own language. Now many leaders and pastors are able to make disciples with greater efficiency. Communication is clearer in one’s “mother tongue”.

In Guatemala there are 21 Mayan groups, an indigenous population totaling more than six million. By 2005 or so, the New Testament will have been translated into all Mayan languages. However, just translating the Scriptures is not sufficient by itself. Among the Mayan women, 90% are illiterate, and among men, the rate is 65%. Accordingly, Pedro has been focusing on production of literacy videos in the Mayan languages. With these videos, language skills can be taught in even the remotest parts of Guatemala.

In addition, Pedro is

  • developing workshops
  • training indigenous pastors and leaders with a theological focus
  • motivating pastors to use their native languages
  • improving communication skills in the church, and on radio and TV

Pedros objective is for the Mayan people to know the grand wonders of God in their own mother tongue. Acts 2:8, 11b. His mission is that the Mayans believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who died and rose again to give pardon and eternal life to those that believe in His name. John 17:3


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