Partner in Prayer for December 2017

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Check our prayer calendar each month for specific prayer requests so you can pray on target.
This prayer calendar shares needs of missionaries from both CTEN USA and CTEN Canada.

El Refugio

Guatemala – Currently closed for repairs & restructuring of policies/procedures. Their greatest need is finances to finish repairs & hire new staff by January.


Gordon and Debbie Crandell

Costa Rica - Please pray that they will seek daily to know God more intimately and to represent the life He has placed within them faithfully toward all in their circle of influence.


Bob and Rhonda Farley

Belize - Pray for success of the new accredited Bible College they have opened; Greatest need is financial support and prayer as they serve to the Glory of the Lord.


Gary Hart

Costa Rica - Pray as he transitions to CTEN; increase financial support; pray as he teams with Young Life to start "Club Tirrases".


Rodney and Judy Tilley

Portugal - They ask that God lead them to the right people at the right time who will network with them to provide "Safe Havens" for Muslim converts & Christians from the Middle East.


Dwayne and Sharon Block

Bolivia - Please pray that God would raise up church leaders of integrity (Tit 1; 1Tim 3) in the new work they are involved in.


Drew and Cindy Metcalf

Guatemala - Pray for safety of them, family, and children; healing of the orphan children they serve, that God does miraculous signs, wonders and miracles through them to help people.


Steve and Andrea Drake

Mexico - Pray for Andrea's architectural thesis/project; increase financial support; recovery efforts for Oaxaca earthquake.


LynnAnn Murphy

Guatemala - Pray for financial provision as she starts building her home & ministry center; rest and guard her health.


Nina Neubauer

South Africa—Pray for a forever family for Faith and the adoption process to go smoothly; all their hearts to rejoice and it happen in December.


Brian McArthur

Bolivia - Pray for Julie's swift transition into daily life and the community in Bolivia.


Neftali and Alyssa Rubio

Mexico - Pray for their travels to raise support in December and January. The Lord's provision for the trip; prepare the hearts of those who are going to join their support team.


Jeyson and Stephanie Braun

Brazil - Please pray for wisdom and safety as they maintain and fly their planes to remote ministry posts in the jungle.


Jesse and Priscilla Wong

Rwanda - Pray for the health of Jesse's patients in the dental clinic; that Jesse and Priscilla will find joy in the Lord in every circumstance; Pray for more workers.


Jack and Carol Rothenflue

USA - Pray for the many and varied issues at the Home Office to be handled with wisdom & discernment. Pray their health & energy remain strong. They want to continue to meet the new challenges of a fast growing mission agency by always keeping God’s initial vision for CTEN as their guide.


Yeril and Katie Lozano

Nicaragua - Pray that Katie and Yeril to have more financial partners for their ministry & for rest as they are in the states for the birth of their child then transition back to Nicaragua.


Andy and Tracie Dominguez

Mexico - Pray for finances increase for budget goal; define their ministry to impact the Kingdom so God is glorified in who they are & what they do in His name; more ministry contacts/ Health/ New car/ Hope's U.S. citizenship to be funded and final.


Alex and Debbie Izquierdo

Mexico - Pray for spiritual awakening & revival in their congregation; Training up leaders; Continual church growth among Mixteco & Triqui people; larger facility; bookstore success; better rental for them.


Randall and Jackie Darby

Guatemala - Pray for wisdom, safety and protection for them and their family.


Lisa & Rolando Monterroso

Guatemala - Please pray for the coffee shop they are starting (called Spokes Cafe) to minister and teach life skills to teens transitioning out of children's homes.


Jeff and Julie Phillips

Kenya - Please pray for peace in Kenya. Pray that the country can accept the election results and move forward.


Christi Whitekettle

Rwanda - Pray for direction for Christi's future role in the ministry of Aziai Life; God's provision of a strong team of volunteers in the US.


Perry and Roline Smit

Suriname - Safety as they are in and out of the jungle; increase financial support; prayer for the churches in the interior and Pray for Roline’s health.


Janet Moutray

Guatemala - Please pray for their pre-teens and early teens at Casaverde to grow deeper in their relationship with God as they enter major decision making times in their lives.


Cory and Stacy Martin

Nicaragua - Please pray for the farmers who lost their entire harvest during the tropical storm in October.


Grant and Jennifer Haynes

USA - Pray for more long-term laborers to serve alongside the Haynes as they serve refugees and train up more missionaries.


Luke & Elise Whitfield

Zambia - Please pray for the completion of building their new ministry center/home base, here in the bush in Zambia!


Bryan and Dorie McLemore

USA - Pray for wisdom and discernment as he leads the Missions Department at Christ For The Nations University. Prayers for more funding.


Jonathan and Kara Asbun

Bolivia - Prayer for their church plant; healthy spiritually and relationally. Funding and vision. They’ve been OK’d for adoption. Pray for a family…. sooner than later.


Dennis and Barbara Freed

Guatemala - Please pray for Dennis and Barb Freed as they continue to minister to children in Guatemala in the midst of upheaval and shifting in the political and child welfare systems.


Stan Jarrell

Mexico - Pray for his spirit-led, fruitful ministry in East Africa, Mexico, and Utah. Pray the Lord’s blessing on the lives of his donors, additional donor support to reach full funding.