Partner in Prayer for October 2017

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Check our prayer calendar each month for specific prayer requests so you can pray on target.
This prayer calendar shares needs of missionaries from both CTEN USA and CTEN Canada.

Karen Myers

Japan - Please pray for: Funds; Church support from the local church community; Wisdom and encouragement.


Clifford and Rebecca Cal

Belize - Pray for their work with Belize Bible College starting STIM groups in various languages; teaching, training, ministering and visiting mission teams.


David and Dawnell (Groff) Garcia

Mexico - Pray for healthy pregnancy & delivery of baby boy in November; smooth adaptation to first-time parents; God's continued opening doors for church plant in Morelia.


William and Julissa Garcia

USA - Pray for their service with Fundacion Pierre Viret AC as literature ministry coordinator/translator to editors and publishers for distribution of Reformed Christian literature.


Mike and Sarah Rosenthal

USA - Please pray that their current house will sell quickly; increased financial funding; safety and protection for Sarah's short term trip in October to Colombia, South America.


Tami Becker

Cambodia—Pray for Encouragement, wisdom, and spiritual understanding in different situations of ministry for Tami and an increase in staff.


David and Janice Ewing

Guatemala - Wisdom for talking with Missionaries as they prepare to go back into Guatemala; safety and protection over their families; financial provision to meet their needs.


Samuel and Sara Evans

Haiti - Pray for their adjustment to parenting and enablement to build relationships with locals through witnessing.


Jack and Vasti Rose

Mexico - Pray for their family's health, physical & emotional & spiritual. Increase in financial support and tuition for the school.


Susan Lee

Guatemala - Pray for her physical health; wisdom to encourage all those at Medical Missions Ministries.



Cambodia - Pray for her wisdom and power from Him as her parents age in USA and she begins a church in Cambodia.


Gersan and Betty Valcin

Haiti - Pray for them to meet the maximum ministry contacts for partnerships and new teams while attending the International Conference on Missions November 15-19, 2017.


Jonah and Jessica Cajigas

Philippines - Please pray that they can find a delivery vehicle for their water-refill business.


Chet and Katie Williams

Ecuador - Wisdom to navigate cultural issues; financial support; strong relationships to build their ministry team.


Chase and Julie Russell

USA - Pray for his work stateside in administration; parenting their little girl, Everly; wisdom as they evaluate their part time jobs and ministry work.


Jessica and Emanuel Gormley de Perez

Guatemala - Energy and wisdom as they parent little ones with grace and wisdom and clarity as they seek God in ministry.


Daniel and Jessica Klassen

USA - Pray for wisdom to keep his priorities in place as he teaches and pray for the students as they learn new skills; Jess’s work with Young Life.


Greg and Gail Malczewski

Guatemala - They are disciples of Christ ministering to the students of mission-aries near the largest city in Central America and they need prayer for wisdom, daily.


Kees Boer

Bolivia - Pray for Wisdom, guidance, safety, and time management as he raises up leaders to plant home churches. Increase in his financial support and guard his health.


Baan Zion

Thailand - The most important need is an increase in sponsoring the children so they can extend their Ministry.


Rigo and Crysti Andino

Honduras - Pray for their safety, health, energy; spiritual state of the community; health of their church. Also for Chrysti's stamina as she returns to work.


Edgar and Laura Cojon

Guatemala - Please pray for the healthy birth of their 3rd baby in January and for wisdom in caring for the children in their children's home.


Michael and Kambria Robertson

Guatemala -Pray for grace and wisdom during this season of change in their ministry.


Judy Bergen

Guatemala - Pray that the needed food supplies being held by authorities will be released and the needs of their people will be met.


Gary Myers

Philippines - Pray for increase in his financial support; Church support from the local church community; Wisdom and encouragement.


Apollo and Marsha Silva

Philippines - Pray for God's continued provision, strength, patience, perseverance, and encouragement as they head into their first furlough in 2018.


Huy and Shelley Merritt

Philippines - Pray that the IGSL team will love and serve the men, women and students well; Pray for their ministry, children, and continued time with family.


Donna Delp

Guatemala - Prayer request: physical, emotional, and spiritual protection for their whole Guatemalan family.


Jonathan and Rebekah Pifer

Ecuador - Pray for the Lord's provision for partnerships with individuals and churches, as well as funds needed for them to move to Ecuador in January of 2018.


Whitney Parkins

Mexico - Please pray for healing of his anemia and for rest.


David and Wendy Ashenbrenner

Guatemala - Praise for accreditation for the Ixcán Seminary (very remote) and please pray that Pastors and churches will continue to mature in their faith.