Partner in Prayer for June 2017

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Check our prayer calendar each month for specific prayer requests so you can pray on target.
This prayer calendar shares needs of missionaries from both CTEN USA and CTEN Canada.

Darren and Gwen Allen

Guatemala - Please pray that they would watch and wait with excitement as God unfolds His plans of provision for their financial support and also healing for a little girl in Prince of Peace, Imelda, who is struggling with a cancerous tumor on her spine.


Britton and Kristy Filbrun

Cambodia - They ask for prayer for their family as they begin their fundraising to move to Cambodia.


Chad and Kara Mia Dexter

Philippines - Please pray for the pastors who are being trained by the ELI ASIA staff in Manila. Pray for their perseverance, diligence in their studies and homework, and for holiness and joy in ministry.


Mia David

Thailand - Please pray that the remainder of her monthly support comes in so that she can move into her role in Thailand.


Robert and Debbie Wulff

Mexico - Pray for God's guidance to show them a 'very clear' vision of what & where He wants their ministry to be during their exploratory trip to Mexico from May to August 2017.


Isaias and Virginia Colop-Xec

Guatemala - Please pray for wisdom and guidance for a couple they minister to as this couple goes through marriage counseling. Pray that God will renew this relationship.


Michael and Alecia Corbin

Honduras - God's enablement for them to do the work they came to Honduras to do; build relationships with those that the Lord places before them.


Derek and Amanda Ross

Philippines -Support them and their staff in monthly giving and in connecting Filipino Youth with God and His Plan for Absolute Purity.


Rick and Jana Malm

USA - Safety and protection as they travel and please pray that they will be able to share Biblical principles - not just American principles - because Scripture transcends culture and works for every person, everywhere, at any time.


David and Julie Sutton

Guatemala - God would give them wisdom for the future of their ministry.


Robert and Jenny Wheelis

Albania - Please pray for their newly opened coffee shop and ministry center, Urban Roots, located in the heart of Tirana, Albania. And that through outreach and ministries they would develop relationships that would grow into a thriving church.  


Dave and Eileen Bidwell

USA - That they will hear clearly from the Lord who, where, how and what issues to address when mentoring emerging leaders in Africa.


Trevor and Jana Eby

Canada - They would appreciate prayer for vital spiritual health and for vigorous physical health.


Ken and Leah Spieler

Mexico - Pray for God's wisdom to continue to grow and strengthen them so they can effectively lead the men and women who look to them for guidance; raise up more leaders and build His family.


Timo and Corinne Towne

Mexico - Please Pray for the young men they work with to come to Christ and grow in character as they serve through soccer ministry in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico.


Kacie Kripner

Uganda - Please be praying as she transitions to being full time in Uganda with Villages of
Hope Africa before the end of this year, after serving for several years in a position that called for her time to be shared between the US and Uganda.


Chuck and Dawn Newell

USA - Please pray for visas to allow students from unreached countries to study at UTRGV.


Kevin & Becca Bradford

USA - Pray for God’s grace and power as they work with Perspectives to mobilize the Brazilian church for missions among the unreached; raise up leaders with an ardent desire to reach the nations for Christ’s sake. Safety and protection for Kevin and their children's travels.


Timothy and Ginger Mohr

Nicaragua - They ask that God would give them vision, peace, and purpose as they continue to pursue His plan for their lives.


Luke & Elise Whitfield

Zambia - Pray for their deeper revelation and experience of Pappa's heart for relationship!


Donna Sauñe

Peru - Please pray for the hundreds of poor families in Peru who were affected by the floods and avalanches this year.


Consuelo York

USA - Please pray for a Spanish speaking assistant in her midwifery practice, maternity clients and for her role in YWAM as they transition leadership.


Aaron and Ashley Coffey

Belize - Please pray that they receive the remainder of the monthly support they need.


David and Cynthia Gettis

Costa Rica – Pray for establishment of good relationships at the ESEPA seminary, at their church, and in their neighborhood.


Rene and Rachel Hinze-Marroquin

USA - Please pray for them that God would direct every next step they are taking, as they continue to seek His will for their lives and ministry.


David Pater

France - Pray for wisdom and grace as their young but growing church sends out some of its leaders to another neighborhood in the city of Toulouse, France to, Lord-willing, start another church.


Mike and Valerie Boado

Philippines - Please pray for the staff --Menzi, Emilyn, Marietta, Jun, and Brian as Mike and Val will both be in the USA for about six months. This will leave the NEOS ministry in the hands of its very capable national staff. Pray for wisdom and courage as they lead the NEOS family.


John and Anne Vandenhaak

Mexico - Pray for the people of Mexico as they experience unrest in their country. Financial support for them as they await government decision on the highway currently routed through their building lot and assistance to pay for a rental plus the payments on the lot.


Julia Barnett

Honduras - Please pray that God would provide two elementary teachers for their Fall 2017 school term at El Camino Bilingual School in Honduras.


Pavlos and Meggan Vasileiadis

Greece - Please pray for the multiple outreach events their young church plant is doing this summer, that they will be a good relational connection with the community, and that they will bring everlasting fruit.