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Robert Newhall

Robert has a passion to obey Jesus’ Great Commission in Matthew 28:18-20. He has grown to enjoy ministry to children as he himself had become a born again believer in a Vacation Bible School as a child. After years of schooling and experience in both adult and children’s ministry, the Lord has made it possible for him to be a missionary, which has been a lifelong desire for Robert. He first served as a general helper in church planting, outreach, building projects and ministry to children. It did not take long for him to see a great need for resources, training and encouragement in ministry to children, especially in rural churches and ministries. He enjoys helping young people’s involvement in children’s ministry. He decided to get more training in this area, which lead to his involvement with the Kidology coaching program. Now as a graduate student he is working on two projects that focus on fulfilling the children’s ministry need.
Kid-Helper Resources
He enjoyed learning the resources that were a part of the coaching program. In fact, he asked permission to translate the lessons and information of the object lessons, gospel illusions and evangelistic tools into a bilingual Spanish/English format. Having completed the task he is now partnering with others in taking the resource centers down to missionaries, evangelists and rural churches in Mexico. He seeks to provide them with the resources, training and encouragement that they need to minister to their children.
Fantastic Kids
After helping small rural churches and ministries with Kid’s Clubs, Robert saw the need to have a curriculum that would help him to serve them better. He has been diligently working on a bilingual performing arts style Kid’s Club curriculum that may be given to those who cannot afford curriculum. This curriculum will aide him in providing the training and encouragement needed.
Partnering with Robert
Robert is very thankful for your prayers and consideration in partnering with him financially. May the Lord bless you.

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