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Thierry and Tina Zielke-Ngizwenayo

Tina Ngizwenayo has always had a passion and involvement in Childrens ministry and child care. In 2010, God began to fan a flame for orphans in her heart. This passion just continued to grow. In 2011 she went on her first short term missions trip to minister to orphans in Ethiopia and Rwanda. She felt a pull to Rwanda, and could not shake her desire to move there to minister long term to the orphans. After her second short term trip in 2011, she moved to a village in Rwanda, nestled between the rolling hills, on the West side of Rwanda near to the border of DR Congo. Tina has helped with the primary aged kids in boarding school, volunteered, spent time at the hospital with children from the orphanage, and generally poured into the hundreds of orphans that live a few houses down from her. Currently with the closing and the reunification of orphans in Rwanda with their families or placed in Foster care.

As the country has changed, the ministry has had to change right alongside of it. Tina daily visited the infant room in the orphanage, and would often hear “This one came last night because the mom died giving birth.” Or many abandonments. Tina started to hear and experience a gap once the orphanage closed for the infants. Most having someone in the family desiring to raise them, but if the mother is unable to nurse, the cost of formula and the nutritional basics costing more than the average income! Tina alongside Thierry Ngizwenayo started a sponsorship program to walk alongside these moms and caretakers, and share the gospel through relationship, word, and meeting a tangible need that helped ensure the survival of the infant.

During their time of doing ministry together, the Lord began to draw Tina and Thierry together, and they got married July 2016. Tina and Thierry can often be found hiking mountains to do home visits to the moms in the program, kneeling on dirt floors and praying over moms and babies. Falling asleep in plastic lawn chairs holding mom’s hands in the hospital, and being a mom and dad with the 4 children in their home ranging from 4 years old to 22 years old. (They are currently in the process of adopting the two youngest who are under 18) They have nestled their heart and made their home in the rolling hills of Rwanda near the Congo border in a small village which they adore.

With the healing and redemption the Lord has done in both Thierry and Tina’s life, they have a passion to see that redemption take place in these mom and infants’ lives. They love getting into the muck and mire with the families they work with, and watching God work in their hearts and lives, as they begin to trust Him and form personal relationships with him.

They hope in the near future to start a literacy program to help those in the program who cannot read and write, and also have a passion in the future to start a program to provide palliative end of life care to elderly in their village

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