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Thierry and Tina Zielke-Ngizwenayo

Tina Ngizwenayo has always loved being involved in children ministry. From Sunday School teacher, AWANA leader, volunteering in the nursery, and for MOPS. In 2011, she went on her first short term missions trip to Rwanda and Ethiopia. She fell in love with Rwanda’s oldest and largest orphanage of over 700 children. She felt called, so she took a deep breath, sold everything she owned, and bought a one-way ticket to minister to the children in the orphanage. And that is just what she did for her first few years in Rwanda.

As the country has changed, the ministry has had to change right alongside of it. Rwanda began to move away from institutionalized care and orphanages, to home based care! Sadly, there was a gap that was not considered, and in the first year that the orphanage closed, Tina began to see that gap. If a mother passed away in child birth or was unable to nurse, there was no place that was providing the nutritional essentials of formula. Tina and Thierry began a sponsorship program to provide formula, bottles, and infant cereal. The first year they began Hope For Tomorrow, the infant abandonment and mortality rate went from 23 infant fatalities due to abandonment, to 1. They began to invest in the families who were all the lowest poverty levels, to slowly begin to empower them as they provide for the infant to work their way out of poverty. They do this by investing in farming, vocational schools, literacy classes, English classes, and bible studies throughout the week. The families and Hope For Tomorrow has become a family!

As ministry has expanded, they have also begun to minister to the elderly in their area. They have paired up families in the infant program, with elderly in their villages. The elderly participant mentors the family, and the family helps the elderly person. Tina and Thierry’s heart has always been to minister too, advocate for, and minister to those who have no voice for themselves. Those who cannot help themselves (infants, elderly, etc.). They desire to share with the them the gospel in both word and deep. To minister to the families caring for them, that they might know and serve the Lord, that those in their home would know the Lord as they grow up. To empower the families that they would reach the hopes, dreams, and goals the Lord has for each of them.

The Lord began to draw Tina and Thierry’s hearts together as Thierry came out to translate for her as she began Hope For Tomorrow in 2015. July 15 2016 they were married. Tina has homed many from the orphanage in her home, many of whom have graduated and now are married with families of their own. She has two who she still helps through high school living next door from the orphanage. And in her home she has 3 children and a granddaughter, from the ages of 24 down to 5 years old.

Tina and Thierry have both experienced a lot in their lives. Thierry having lost his parents in the genocide, growing up in a child led household, being raised by an American missionary family. Tina having suffered abuse, addiction, homelessness. They both have found redemption in the Lord and are constantly in awe of the Lord using them. They desire for others to find the freedom and redemption they themselves have found in the Lord. They desire to do that by showing up, being present, and sharing the Lord both in word and in deed.

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