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Why you can’t give a gift to missionaries

I was giving online to a missionary when a strange thought occurred to me: I’m not really giving anything. A gift implies we get nothing in return. But Scripture makes it clear that when we give to God’s work or God’s people the Lord notices and the giver “will certainly... Read More →

If only I had known …

He was only 10 years old but he was already an orphan and a homeless beggar on the streets of Calcutta. All he possessed was a small bowl and a small bag. Each day he would set the bowl on the sidewalk in front of him to collect coins. At... Read More →

Four times a year they come

Every three months, missionaries and future missionaries from around the country and around the world gather in Kerrville, Texas. It’s not some strange missionary pilgrimage. CLICK HERE FOR MORE

A Most Unusual Strategy

This was a battle like no other. Israel was at war. Joshua led the troops and Moses stood on a hill overlooking the bloody scene below.  “As long as Moses held up his hands, Israel would win.” But Moses eventually became exhausted, too tired to hold his arms up, and... Read More →

You Nailed It!

Most of us have a tendency to minimize the importance of positive things we do in our lives – and that is actually a healthy way to keep from feeling the universe revolves around us. However, it can also foster discouragement when we begin to believe that we don’t really... Read More →

A youth pastor was asked to help with the church’s pledge drive for the coming year. The elders said, “We’d like you to come up with a way to encourage each member to increase their pledge for the coming year.” The zealous youth pastor suggested motivational T-shirts. That sounded like... Read More →

The Messiah and The Missionary

He left the comfort, security and familiarity of his home to venture to a foreign and sometimes unfriendly land. He came like a helpless child needing to learn the language. He went in response to a call by his heavenly father. He was warmly welcomed by some but rejected by... Read More →

His Question was Troubling.

One of our first missionaries stunned me with a simple question, “What does CTEN do? I appreciate how you’re helping me with what I do but what does CTEN do?” This missionary had a long and impressive history with an established, traditional missionary board. From his perspective every agency had... Read More →

Crown Financial: Wise Investing Advice

Crown Financial is a ministry founded by the late Larry Burkett to help Christians be wise stewards of God’s resources ( Here is some financial insight from their blog. ________________ The very best investment a person can make is an investment in the kingdom of God. “Seek first His kingdom... Read More →

This is the month!

They literally come from around the world. Every 3 months anywhere from 25-30 new CTEN missionaries make their way to our US offices in Kerrville, Texas. There they share a 3-day orientation – meeting the US and Canadian staff and CTENers from around the globe. The days are packed with... Read More →

Let’s Get Social

You did it again! Again this month you participated in getting the gospel to the nations by helping your CTEN missionary. Every month we thank you for your investment but every month I also wish there was some way we could take another step to connect with you, to show... Read More →

It will take all the strength you have.

A boy and his dad were walking through the woods when they saw a large log blocking their path. “Dad”, the little boy asked, “do you think I could move that log? The dad proudly declared, “Of course you can move it, son. But you’ll have to use all the... Read More →

You do know Jack!

We’ve all heard about Jack and the beanstalk. Because of some small beans he was able to travel to the giant’s world and steal back treasure that saved his mother and him from poverty. Those little beans looked worthless but were the answer to his poverty and need. I was... Read More →

Did you place it in the right place?

After Hector’s doctor told him he was going to die in a week he immediately cashed out his investments and savings and put the money in a bag with a big handle on it. Naturally his wife thought he was trying to make sure she wouldn’t have problems getting to... Read More →

Some insights to help you understand your Missionary friends better.

By Chuck Lawless I asked some missionaries about misconceptions that people have about missions and missionaries. Here are some wrong ideas some people have about missionaries. FROM RICK: For the sake of space I picked out a few of Chuck’s 20 observations. To see his entire list check out: Read More →

Why I like to support individual missionaries

Tom could be arrested if the government discovers he’s a missionary. The last time I was with him one of his young converts excitedly told how Tom had introduced her to Jesus and how the Lord had changed her life. Betty trains Filipinos to take the gospel to their own... Read More →

Should missionaries ask for funds?

This month I’d like to share an edited version of Pastor John Piper’s response to a question someone sent him. “Dear Pastor John, I know you’re familiar with Hudson Taylor and George Mueller. Should we ask our brothers and sisters in Christ to help fund the work we feel God... Read More →

What’s a baby going to do with gold?

The magi brought outlandishly expensive gifts to a poor family. Soon this young father, mother and their child were going to have to flee as refugees into Northern Africa. Like refugees today they had to leave in haste and only take what they could carry. It’s quite possible the Magi’s... Read More →

Why are missionaries always asking for something?

I recently was sent this article and found it had some great insights from the perspective of a missionary when it comes to asking for help. I hope you find it helpful as I did. Rick Malm CTEN Founder/President   by Frances Green When we lived in Venezuela it felt... Read More →