We have a gift for you!

Your financial gifts, prayers and words of
encouragement mean so much to your Commission To Every Nation missionary. It may sound trite, but it’s true – they couldn’t do what they do without you.

You do what you can do,
so they can do what they can do.

Then God does what only He can do and He gets all the glory.

Jana and I want to say “Thank you” for being part of the ministry of CTEN – a ministry that now supports over 700 missionaries in 62 nations. To do that, we’ve prepared a special fun webpage complete with a couple of videos (you’ll be astounded at our staff’s musical talent), and a download that will give you some photos and a peek behind the scenes at CTEN and the principles it’s built on.

We believe the more you understand the unique way CTEN serves you and your missionary friends, the more you’ll be excited to be part of all God is doing through your investment in missions. You are making a difference.