May 2018 Be Your Most Successful Year Ever!

“How should we measure success?”

Sometimes obedience will lead to situations that don’t appear to be successful. Was Paul a success sitting in a Roman prison? We agree Peter was a success when the angel delivered him from prison, but was James just as successful when, days earlier, in the same prison, he was martyred (Act 12). Were the unnamed faithful in Hebrews 11 a success even though they died without receiving what God promised?

We must measure success by obedience – not numbers, miracles, head counts or any other standard. The man or woman who lives obediently to the Lord is a success. At CTEN, we want to be a mission that helps people be successful by being obedient. **

And that doesn’t just apply to missionaries. It all starts with your success – your obedience as a donor. It is your obedience in giving which allows each missionary to obey the Lord’s invitation to “Go.”

May this be a year of great success for you – a year you learn to walk in deeper and higher obedience to the Lord. Not only will that mean greater success for you but it will also enable a continued enlargement of the Kingdom of God around the globe. And that is needed now more than ever.

To Your Success:



** Taken from the new book, Commission To Every Nation: How People Just Like You Are Blessing The Nations.

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