Why you can’t give a gift to missionaries

I was giving online to a missionary when a strange thought occurred to me: I’m not really giving anything.

A gift implies we get nothing in return. But Scripture makes it clear that when we give to God’s work or God’s people the Lord notices and the giver “will certainly not lose their reward.” (Matthew 10:42)

Instead of giving to missions we’re actually investing. And it’s an investment in a sure thing. It has God’s guarantee of return.

The best financial investing advice ever given came from Jesus Himself. He didn’t suggest investing in real estate or stocks, bonds or treasury notes. He said store your treasure in heaven. Investing in missions is one way to store “treasure in heaven” where it is safe from theft, economic downturn or loss.

It’s a guaranteed safe investment that’s good for eternity. What other investment can make that promise?


Available July 2017

Commission To Every Nation
How People Just Like You Are Blessing The Nations
Meet the people and hear the story behind Commission To Every Nation.

When Rick Malm, the founder of CTEN, moved his young family to war-torn Guatemala, God engineered a thrilling, atypical path to founding an agency
that has blessed thousands around the world.

As one who supports a Commission To Every Nation missionary, you are part of this ongoing story.
Commission To Every Nation is the story of how God uses unqualified, ordinary people –
people just like you – to accomplish extraordinary results for His glory.