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Alex and Debbie Izquierdo

The Izquierdo Family has been serving in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, for nine years.  Two years among the Chinanteco people and seven years in the Mixtecan region, where there are several ethnic groups.  The ministry in the Mixtecan region is a pioneer church planting project.  This region is one of the least evangelized areas in Oaxaca.  There are many villages with some resistance to the gospel.  Besides Spanish, there are 56 variants of the Mixtecan language spoken in this area; as well as the Triqui language.

Developing relationships through educational and social services, they have entered in two communities, where after seven years, there are two small congregations.  One of the main goals has been to disciple brand new believers. They continue doing evangelism through friendship, educational and social services, marriage counseling, dramas/pantomimes and a radio program on a secular radio station (with evangelistic messages for married couples, young people and kids). They are also teaching new believers, doing pastoral work and structuring one of the congregations, with the vision to train local leaders or pastors that will take over in the future.

They have three daughters who also get involved in ministry, Sarah, Susan and Shirley.

Home Churches: Centro Cristiano Ríos de Agua Viva, I.S.P.M.A.R. in Mexico and Asamblea de Hermanos Cristianos, Inc. in Puerto Rico.

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