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Brian McArthur

Brian and Julie run a foundation in Cochabamba, Bolivia that works with young men and women living in orphanages, on the streets, and in the red light district. Fundación Aventura has been in operation since 2011 and utilizes participatory outdoor challenges or adventure therapy to help participants move beyond the struggles associated with abuse and abandonment. We work to unlock their potential so that they can experience the fullness of life God has for them.
The at-risk youth that Fundación Aventura works with come from a variety of backgrounds, but trauma is a common factor. Many have been abused physically, many sexually, and the vast majority have suffered from both emotional and material neglect. Brian and Julie’s ministry trains these young men and women to face fears, overcome obstacles, chase dreams, build trust, establish healthy relationships, and rely on Jesus to bring both healing and hope for their future.
Nature-loving natives of Flagstaff, Arizona and Rockland, Maine, Brian and Julie strive to share their love of God and the great outdoors with the young people they serve through discipleship, hospitality and adventure.

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