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Chris and Beth Bruno

Chris directs a ministry called “Restoration Project,” providing counseling and spiritual support to missionaries around the world. Restoration Project has a focus on men, seeking to catalyze the restoration of every mans heart to all that his Creator intended him to be. Chris does one-one-one counseling, retreats (mens retreats, marriage weekends, team intensives, crisis/trauma), and writes materials designed to assist men and missionaries on their spiritual journeys.

Beth directs a ministry called, A Face to Reframe“,¬†whose vision is “to expose injustice and advocate for the marginalized by capturing faces and their stories through photography, reframing them with dignity and restoring the beauty that has been marred.” They offer participatory photography clinics with marginalized populations in partnership with local organizations in an effort to empower participants, advocate change, provide research and income opportunities, and ultimately to reframe individuals and communities with their God-given dignity.

Your financial gifts and prayers are desperately needed to continue this ministry of reconciliation and renewal. Thank you.


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