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David and Janice Ewing

David and Janice have been married since 1974, have three grown children and ten grandchildren.

In 1998 God spoke to their hearts that they would be “sojourners in many nations.  ”They have found HIM faithful as they have served alongside missionaries in a helps ministry to “Lift the burden and bring a blessing.”

They have ministered across denominational and agency lines to help provide physical, emotional and spiritual support to those whom they have served. David and Janice have served in China, Romania, Thailand, Niger, South Sudan, and Guatemala.

In June of 2014 they answered the call to join the Pastoral Care staff of CTEN serving the missionaries of Guatemala. They believe that Pastoral Care can make a difference in the length and effectiveness of ones service and emotional health to increase their ministry effectiveness and reduce missionary attrition.  Their desire is to provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to the missionaries they serve by providing listening ears, encouraging words and field visits.

In I Samuel 23:15-18, Jonathan goes out to visit David in the wilderness and helps him to be encouraged and strengthened in the Lord.  Jonathan ministers as a friend, laborer, and counselor.  He visits him in his time of need to help fulfill Gods promises concerning his future.  The Apostle Paul said it is normal for missionaries to have no rest and be afflicted, to have conflicts without and fears within and to even be depressed, but that God also uses other missionaries to comfort and encourage them.

2 Corinthians 7:5-7

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