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Donna Sauñe

Donna (Jackson) Sauñe is a missionary “kid” who grew up in Peru. She has served with the Runa Simi Mission in Peru, South America for over 30 years. This mission, made up of Peruvian national missionaries, takes the Gospel to the indigenous language groups of Peru and promotes God’s Word in their mother tongue languages.

Donna is the widow of Romulo Sauñe , a Quechua pastor and leader. Romulo worked with a translation team for many years so that his people might have the Word of God in their own tongue. After the Bible was translated, Romulo knew it would fall on the Quechua churches to promote the Scriptures throughout the Quechua world. Runa Simi was founded in 1983 to support the Quechua churches and other national Bible translators. Romulo was president of Runa Simi until 1992 when he was killed by Shining Path terrorists who tried to bring down the Peruvian government and persecuted the church. Romulo’s widow, Donna, continues to work with the Runa Simi team of missionaries in Peru.

Donna heads up Runa Simi’s literacy, a Bible based program that trains Quechua women to teach literacy in their churches and communities. She also helps with administration, reporting and translation for facilitating Runa Simi’s partnerships and relationships.

After the death of her husband, Donna raised her four children in Peru. Two of her children now work with Runa Simi. Kusi and her husband Pablo head up the children’s ministry. Tawa and wife Laura are in charge of Runa Simi’s social media, public relations, and fund raising for mission projects. Donna also has a daughter (Qori) who is a doctor with the U.S. Air force, presently stationed in Italy. Her oldest son (Romulo) is an immigration lawyer in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Donna has three small grandchildren, Gabriel, Andres , and Nina.

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