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Drew and Cindy Metcalf

Drew and Cindy Metcalf work with children who have been abused, traumatized or abandoned. They provide Christ-centered counseling, music, fun activities, arts & crafts, and creative teachings capturing the hearts of children who need positive change.

They build programs of hope and healing for at-risk children, as well as help orphanages change to become healing communities. They train the staff of orphanages how to help abused and abandoned children. One orphanage where they train the staff on a regular basis holds 90 children. Drew and Cindy work with programs in Guatemala and Belize.

Of special significance is a “safe house” program for rescued girls out of sexual abuse. The girls range in age from 8 to 14 years old and are pregnant or have new babies. Drew and Cindy are the counselors for this program helping the girls heal.

Drew and Cindy are the founders of the non-profit organization We Help Children, Inc.


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