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Heather Farrell

Heather has been serving in the rural, mountainous town of La Unión, Lempira, Honduras, since 2011. Her ministry, called Enliven, focuses on building relationships in the community and supporting local ministries in order to encourage and equip others to serve God.

Heather’s ministry involves various activities that all work toward Enliven’s mission, including:
– Teaching violin classes to students at the bilingual Abundant Life Christian School in La Unión
– Participating in the worship, youth, and women’s ministries at the local Vida Abundante church
– Coordinating community partnerships between U.S. churches and villages in La Unión through the non-profit Aldea Development.
– Managing a ministry-focused restaurant/meeting space, called Cafe Aviva, in town
– Supporting women and youth with small businesses through microloans and access to training






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