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Jack and Carol Rothenflue


               Jack is the Director of CTEN and alongside Carol directs the Pastoral Care ministry as well. Working internationally, they are based in the home office in Kerrville, Texas.

          Thirty eight years of Pastoral experience has prepared this couple to serve the worldwide missions community of CTEN. They are privileged to have four other pastoral couples and home staff serving alongside.

           Jack oversees the day to day ministry operations of the mission and keeps the vision focused and clear.  He communicates with those who are inquiring and a variety of other administrative matters. He manages the staff, the budget oversight and procedures on the mission.

          Jack and Carol maintain consistent communication with the pastoral care couples and home staff. Jack oversees the pastoral care ministry encouraging staff, training, and counsel on difficult matters. They also host visitors and visiting missionaries to the home office in Kerrville, Texas.

          In addition, the Rothenflues are the link to the local churches that send missionaries on the field. Because of their extensive pastoral experience, they have a heart for pastors and leaders in the local church. They are a resource and source of encouragement to leadership.

          Carols three decades of experience in Christian Education has given her the expertise to provide resources and materials for the home office staff and missionaries on the field.  In addition, Carol coordinates the quarterly Orientation held at the home office for new missionaries.

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