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Jeyson and Stephanie Braun

Jeyson and Stephanie Braun serve through missionary aviation in Boa Vista, Brazil with Asas de Socorro (Mission Aviation Fellowship Brazil).

Asas’ flight ministry is the vital support needed for missionaries to live among and reach the unreached people of the Amazon. Using small planes, Jeyson and the other pilots fly dedicated missionaries into remote jungle posts, regularly deliver supplies, and are ready to airlift out anyone with a medical emergency. As a result of their flight ministry, missionaries are able to serve in villages sharing the Gospel, planting churches, and translating the Bible.

Jeyson is a pilot and mechanic. Stephanie assists with administrative tasks and reaches out to women in the community. They have two children, Elijah (4) and Audrey (1).

Jeyson and Stephanie find it a tremendous joy to provide the logistical support that missionaries need in order to reach the otherwise unreachable people of the Amazon with the Gospel.


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