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Luke & Elise Whitfield

Luke and Elise Whitfield and children Macie (16), Emma (15), Payton (13), Chichi (11), Tazi (9), and Avery (4) are currently serving as missionaries since 2007, in the Chikankata chiefdom of Southern Zambia. Chikankata is believed to be one of the most undeveloped areas in the whole of Zambia. Its people, the Tonga tribe, are often looked down upon by other Zambians for their simple and uneducated lifestyles and customs. It is an area that has few well developed and discipled evangelical congregations and is known for a culture that is captivated by witchcraft and the fear that accompanies it.  The Tonga people also struggle with hopeless poverty as well as life threatening susceptibility to diseases that many Westerners view at treatable. As with most other African countries, the Tonga people of Southern Zambia are ravaged by HIV/AIDS seeing more than 20% of their population infected with the disease.

This is one of the last areas in Southern Africa that is believed to have people who have never been exposed to Gospel of Jesus Christ.  It is this reality that we are working to change. We believe that God has called us to bring new life to this spiritual and physical wasteland. Through ministries such as: Church Planting, Discipleship and Evangelism, Conservation Farming, Freshwater Well Drilling and Jesus Film Outreaches, we hope to address not just the spiritual but also physical poverty that has oppressed the Tonga people for generations. Our ministry is based upon Isaiah 43:19-20, believing that God is doing a new thing amongst one of His chosen peoples, the Tongas of Southern Zambia.

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