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Michael and Noribette Day

Mike & Noribette Day have been involved in missions for over 20 years. They have four children; a daughter who was recently married, and three boys.

For the past ten plus years the Days have been primarily involved with the Awana Clubs program. They were instrumental in developing the Awana Clubs Costa Rica Association.  Mike manages the finances, accounting, inventory and general office administration. Noribette manages church relationships, leader trainings and promotion. They established and are a part of a Ministry Team, which consists of several couples and individuals who love Awana Clubs Costa Rica and seek the continued growth and strengthening of the ministry.

They are also involved in their local community, a small agricultural area very closed to the Gospel. They are building relationships and loving their neighbors.  They are teaching English and have started a home Bible Study.  

Hosting Short-term Teams, marriage conferences, bookkeeping and Spanish translation are some other things they are involved in as well. 

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