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Philip & Cindy Fisk

Phil and Cindy Fisk have served overseas since 1987, first in Zaire, then after an evacuation in 1991, in Belgium since 1992.  They helped establish two churches in Flanders, Belgium and each church has called a national as Pastor, trained at the Evangelical Theological Faculty (ETF) in Leuven.

In 2008, Phil and Cindy Fisk joined the ETF in Leuven, whose vision is:

“We equip leaders to be Biblically grounded, well educated, and culturally enriched, bringing the good news of Jesus Christ to our World.”

At the ETF, Phil and Cindy train and mentor about 130 young men and women who come to our school from Europe, Asia, and Africa and Go Global, for example, to plant churches in Thailand, teach in Bible schools in post-communist Europe, or fight human trafficking in the cities.

Phil and Cindy also direct an annual Outreach English Camp with a team from the USA.

Phil is an ordained minister in the Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA) and member of the EFCA ministerial since 1992.

Their home Church is The Village Church of Barrington, IL (a member of the EFCA).

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