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Cornel and Rachel (Martin) Mich

Serving in Southern Romania (Daneasa-Olt)

Cornel and Rachel (Martin) Mich serve with Hope Church located in Draganesti-Olt, Romania. Hope Church has many mission points, however the Mich family serves in a community only a few miles away. The name of this community is Daneasa. Both are missionaries working with youth in Daneasa and surrounding communities to know the Lord in a personal way. They do this through Bible Study, sports ministry, home visits, evangelism and discipleship. Cornel and Rachel also are leading programs to get to know the community better including teaching English, as well as preparing and distributing food packages to families in need. They are in the process of creating a large youth group as a form of evangelism that would meet weekly. They are also on a ministry team with another two families that are planting a church in Daneasa.

Less than 0.5% of the population knows who Christ is and what He did for them and therefore are without hope. As well, majority of the families in the community have no source of income as they don’t have a place to work and many children drop out of school, because they don’t have the finances to pay for school. There is heavy spiritual oppression, as there are many people who work with witchcraft.

Rachel has been a CTEN missionary since October 2016. On March 25, 2017, Cornel and Rachel got married. They are joyful to be working together and are looking forward to serving “the least of these” in Daneasa and the surrounding villages.

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