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Randall and Marcia Orban

Randy and Marcia provide Pastoral Care for CTEN missionary families serving in Belize, Honduras, the Philippines, Eastern Canada, and the Eastern U.S. Their passion is to see spiritually healthy, well-cared-for missionaries joyfully fulfilling God’s unique call on their lives.

Randy and Marcia help missionaries by providing them the encouragement, mentoring, counsel and support they need to serve the Lord well. Close contact is maintained by the missionaries through the blessings of technology as well as regular on-site field visits. They are available 24/7 to help when unexpected emergencies or major life events occur. They also serve as informal partners in missions with the missionary and their home church.

Randy and Marcia have fulfilled a number of ministry roles over the past thirty-eight years. Randy has served as associate pastor, senior pastor, Christian school teacher and administrator. Marcia has worked alongside Randy in various supportive ministry roles in the church, as well as working in the community with negligent and abusive parents to improve parenting skills.

They enjoy counseling and teaching as a team and have presented workshops on topics such as: how to share the gospel effectively, ministering to the poor, sexual purity, conflict resolution, and communication in marriage.

They served together in pro-life ministry at a pregnancy center where Marcia worked as the Executive Director and Randy as the Men’s Ministry Coordinator. Their work with couples facing unexpected pregnancies led them to pursue advanced degrees in Biblical Counseling.

Prior to answering God’s call to join the Pastoral Care team at CTEN, they served in the Department of Counseling and Pastoral Care at the Spanish Language Institute in San José, Costa Rica. While there, they helped missionaries adjust to the rigors of language school and adapt to living in a new culture. They also provided support and encouragement to missionaries facing medical or other unexpected life issues.

They have been blessed to see how the sufficient Word of God can bring hope and resolution to even complex and long-standing problems.

They have been married since March of 1973, have three children and 9 grandchildren (2 with the Lord).

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