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Rodney and Judy Tilley

After living among and touching the hearts of those in the churches of the Middle East for over 40 years, the Tilleys have seen first-hand the spiritual and physical needs of those churches in the various countries there and throughout Europe. In many of those countries, the dangers of being a Christian are real and present and at times, the church in its compassion needs to reach out and supply “safe havens” for believers.

The Tilleys feel compelled to begin to network and partner with mission leaders, NGOs, churches, together with the local believers throughout Europe to provide a long term solution to the needs of these misplaced families and assist them in placement, protection, and care.

We want our Christian family, no matter where they live, to never feel or be alone; understanding that “nothing can separate them from the love of God.” We ask that you pray and come alongside of those that are in need. Pray, listen, give, and assist those of the “church” that are struggling just to make it another day. They may be young, old, single or married, but with God’s help, we know we can make a difference. Why wait? Start praying today and we will see what God can do.

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