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Sheri Cordes

Sheri brings her love and enthusiasm for Jesus and all things artistic by teaching art at the Christian Academy of Guatemala (CAG), a school for the children of evangelical missionaries serving in Guatemala! When Sheri’s children grew up, she asked God to lead her to the next great adventure in her life. Having supported missionary families for over 30 years, she understood that one of the biggest needs of the missionary family is finding a school that not only provides a good education, but also a staff that will genuinely care for the students, while also supporting and encouraging their families working in their mission field. Through a couple of short term mission trips to Guatemala, He eventually led her to CAG, where He used her creativity to become part of CAG’s great teaching team!

Encouraging students to discover God in all aspects of the creative process, Sheri guides students in developing individual skills through the creation of their own unique interpretation in creative projects. She teaches basic art concepts along with developing a critical eye for the artist’s intent, so that students learn to understand the power and influence images have on thinking and how art can be a strong tool in sharing the Gospel and love of Christ.

Along with teaching, she is a firm believer in, “see a need, fill a need” making herself available to help in any way that she can outside of the classroom. It is her overall hope as one minor “part of the body” that she will be “arms” of support to the families working towards sharing the love and grace of God to the lost in Guatemala.

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