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Sidney and Kara Hosler

Sid and Kara Hosler are honored to be working with Challenge Ministries Swaziland (CMS) which was established in 1997 by Pastor Kevin and Helen Ward. CMS began as Teen Challenge International and still operates a men’s and women’s program, but has grown exponentially in the last 20 years. Challenge Ministries works with the Swazi government to provide all the daily needs and education, including 2 homes, for over 450 orphans through a child sponsorship program.  CMS currently operates 5 business enterprises: Honey, Water, Milk, Bakery and a saw mill with the proceeds given back into the community to encourage self-sustainability.  We also have 6 ICBC’s (In Community By Community) with plans for 50 more. ICBC’s are essentially church plants, preschools, health clinics and skills training established in rural communities all over Swaziland. At the ICBC’s we come alongside a local Pastor to train up leadership that pours back into the local community.  There is so much that CMS does, so if you are interested in knowing more please go to

Together Sid and Kara will be working on maintenance and building projects, food deliveries and skills training in the rural communities as well as on the main campus. They will be serving with the Mission Impact (MI) team helping to plan and organise visiting teams to maximize the positive impact they can have before, during and after their experience here in Swaziland.

Our personal mission statement is to Build relationships, Restore hope, Ignite a Holy fire, Deepen faith, Grow leaders and Engage planning for the future. When you invest in Sid and Kara you are investing in tour ability to be your hands and feet on the ground in Swaziland, We hope you are inspired to share in our passion and love for the Swazi people.



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