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Tabitha and Marvin Zurita


Marvin and Tabitha serve in Guatemala with two ministries: the Christian Academy of Guatemala (CAG) and Via de Esperanza (Los Seguidores).

Marvin and Tabitha were married in December, 2013. Marvin grew up in Guatemala City and came to know the Lord as an adult. He has a heart for helping people, teaching, and sharing Christ’s love. He teaches Bible/discipleship to kids in an area called La Comunidad, serving underprivileged kids by sharing the gospel. The program is called “Los Seguidores,” or “The Followers” with the goal to go out and make disciples as God has called us to.

Tabitha teaches 5th grade math at CAG and English in La Comunidad. She has had a passion for missions since childhood, and known through different ministry experiences that she’d be working with children. After studying Spanish, God has given her a heart for the Latin-American community and culture. CAG provides a quality American-accredited education for missionary kids. The school serves around 200 students in Guatemala City. With concern for their own children’s education being a main reason missionaries leave the field, CAG aims to provide a means for missionaries to do the work God has called them to without concern.

Home Church: Overisel Reformed Church, Holland, MI”





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