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Terry and Valinda Brock

Terry and Valinda are from Austin, Texas. Originally from NC, they came to Texas with IBM where Terry was an engineer. They have 2 adult children & 2 grandchildren.  Through their local church God gave them a love for missions and missionaries, and they began to support some financially.

Having worked as volunteers leadership in a marriage ministry for 13 years, God  to began to speak to them about not just sending, but actually going to the mission field themselves.  It was hard for them to understand how God could use ordinary people like themselves, but the call was unmistakeable.  Following Gods leading, they left the business world in 1992 and began to prepare to be “available”.

Little did they imagine it would be a global adventure, with service to Russia, Ukraine, Peru, Mexico, China and Haiti.  Truly, they are an example of “God does not always choose the qualified, but He always qualifies His chosen.” God did not ask for their ability, although the marriage ministry and their church had prepared them in ways they were unaware of.  He asked for their availability and they answered, “here we are Lord, send us”.   In the ministries He presented them, they served as teachers of discipleship, evangelism, church strategy & planning, Christian marriage, Christian grandparenting and everything else they never imagined. For the last 10 years they have served in an inner-city ministry to forgotten, under-resourced people in Austin.

They now serve in teaching capacities wherever God leads, whether in the US or abroad. An annual trip to India is always on their calendar, as is Haiti.  They serve wherever He sends them with an apostolic ministry, strengthening churches and people in their walks with Christ.  God has given them a heart for broken and hurting people, especially pastors and missionaries. Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ is never far from their thoughts or tongues.

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