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Vidal and Cathy Perez

Vidal and Cathy Perez minister in Tectitán, Guatemala. It is the village that Vidal grew up in. He co-translated the New Testament into the Tektitek language. He was burdened to return to his people to help them come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. In 2004 he and Cathy began promoting the Tektitek New Testament in Tectitán. It has not been easier and there has been persecution but they know that God has called them to be there and He is faithful to guide and direct them. Currently Vidal is preaching in the Tektitek language twice a month with the help of a fellow brother in Christ. Vidal uses many avenues to build relationships that lead to opportunities to share the gospel; such as beekeeping and soccer training. He also leads Bible Studies and records radio programs. The body of believers continues to grow. It is encouraging to disciple young believers and help them grow in their faith. Vidal and Cathy have 2 children (Garret age 12 and Emma age 9). Cathy home schools them in the village.

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