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Viña Association

The Viña Association is a non profit ministry dedicated to empowering ethnic minorities, and all oral learners, to grow into their full potential in Christ. With Maya, Latin and North American staff, our vision is to see minority people groups advancing the kingdom of God. Because the vast majority of them are oral learners—people who either do not read or write, or choose not to—we focus on the development scripture-based audio and video materials.

Our two major areas of emphasis is in the production of dramatized audio New Testaments  and the production of a video-based childrens Bible curriculum called “Deditos” (little fingers in Spanish). These videos and lessons are being dubbed into languages around the world, helping to meet the urgent need for non-Western discipleship materials for the worlds children.

In order to enable the local church to grow and mature within their own cultural context, Viña is training an ever-growing network of local media producers within the different minority people groups throughout Guatemala and Central America.

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