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Walter and Maribel Requejo

Walter & Maribel Requejo serve as missionaries in the area of Ensenada, Mexico, teaching, equipping, and discipling youth through a God ordained ministry known as Los Elegidos Ministry (The Chosen Ones), located in the small community of Cañon Buena Vista (aka Zorrillo) just miles south of Ensenada.

They are both passionate about the Lord’s Great Commission (Mtt28:18-20) and after serving and discipling other youth in the area since 2007, God has called them specifically to this community where they have served faithfully the last five years to over 60 kids. Through bible studies, fellowship, and even a God provided recreation-ministry center, the Lord has allowed them to develop a deep relationship with the kids and their entire families. Most importantly, their desire to see all the kids fall in love with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and be that light He has called them to be has become a reality for most.

Five days of the week are set aside so kids from elementary thru high school can attend bible studies, evenings of prayer, worship, fun and fellowship at the ministry center, homework sessions with lunch provided. Outside of the community kids are encouraged to attend ballet lessons, music lessons, engage in sports and other activities, go to the movies, the beach, Christian concerts!

Kids are also challenged to partake in monthly food distributions as they go out and share the gospel, food, and pray for the families in need in the surrounding areas. The group has also been led by the Lord to visit the sick at home, to pray and fellowship with them, and also reach out to those kids who have been a part of the ministry in the past.

The center has become a house of blessings as teams from the U.S. and Canada visit and provide dental care, vision care, light construction for families in need, music lessons, much needed food for the impoverished area, and hope as the gospel is shared and all are welcomed to the body of Christ.
Recently adult bible classes were initiated for all parents of the kids who attend, as well as a once-a-month clean up at the local jr. high.

Future projects for Los Elegidos includes: a car wash ministry to raise funds for the group; building up monthly sponsors to fund scholarship programs for high school and college students; setting aside funds for students who wish to attend local bible colleges and ministry opportunities; as the Lord leads raising funds to purchase property to build their very own ministry center (currently renting); to always follow God’s will for all those actively involved in the ministry.

Walter & Maribel have a strong foundation back home thru the support of their home church, Hope Chapel of Huntington Beach, California, pastored by Paul Harmon along with their missions director, Wayne Palica, who has visited frequently with them and the ministry over the last nine years. They are also recent members of the CTEN team and are very grateful to work with this amazing group the Lord has provided. God is faithful

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