We’re A Servant Organization

Serving Missionaries Since 1994

What We Do

CTEN is a servant organization which helps missionaries fulfill the unique vision God has given them.
Through administrative support we provide accountability and help the missionary get to the field.
Through pastoral care we help them remain effective and healthy while there.

Who We Are

We are missionaries. Most of our staff raise their own support. This keeps our overhead low, allows more resources to reach the field, and enables us to provide better counsel and support to our family of missionaries.

Our People

Board of Directors

Rev. Mike Cave

Vice President/Term ends 2018 (I)

Stephen Schmerbeck

Secretary/Treasurer 2020

Rob Lundgren

Term ends 2018 (I)

Bill Ragsdale

Term ends 2020 (I)

Rev. Bill Word

Term ends 2019 (I)

Jack Ender

Term ends 2019 (I)

Bret Worley

Term ends 2018 (I)

(I) = Independent as per ECFA and Charity Navigator requirements.


Angie Newby, CPA


Trinette Zirkel

Finance Manager

Donna Ellis

Donor Care

Laura Lee

Donor Care

Debi Stamm

Publications Manager

Tess Polk

Publications Asst.

Sherri White

Senior Executive Asst.

Rita Hall

Admin Asst. and State Registrations

Marcia Wortman

Presidents Asst.

Board of Directors

Rick Spencer


David Kempling


John Hauk

Director of Finance Canada

Sylvie Beveridge

Asst. Financial Manager