Help Wanted

Looking for someone in the mood for adventure!

Homeschool Helper

We are praying for someone who is able to be a homeschool helper next school year (2018-2019).  This person would work with the Davis children 3 days a week, do other ministry once a week, and help out with church functions (currently Sunday mornings, and Bible Study Friday nights).

Deaf Ministry Helper

We also would like someone to help with the ministry to deaf ladies.  This person would need fluency in sign language.  They could be deaf or hearing.  The same person could do both jobs or it could be two separate people. Please contact us for more information.

Nathanael Davis (Turtle)
267-261-6674 (International)
+501-626-9708  (Belize)



Internship with PILAS – Guatemala

In Guatemala, a PILA (pronounced pee-lah) is a term used to identify someone with great
potential; a go-getter, bright, eager to succeed in life. There are many ‘PILAS’ in rural
Guatemala who don’t have the opportunities to develop their God-given talents,
intelligence and leadership abilities because of poor economic conditions, discrimination
against their indigenous heritage, and family situations. PILAS (Preparing and Inspiring Adolescent Leaders of Sumpango) exists to reach adolescents, impact lives, and transform communities. We aspire to help rise up a generation of world shakers and changers!

Our Internship Program gives you the opportunity to:

  • work with us for 1 month or longer to fulfill this vision
  • to learn what it’s like to be a full-time missionary
  • to serve by loving others in practical ways
  • to share the love of Jesus as you build relationships, teach English, support the tutoring & mentorship program, lead a Bible study, host a community event, teach a talent, help the local schools with small maintenance projects, etc.
    Visit for more information or email


Executive Director

Mandate is an evangelical organization which sends Christian workers to areas of the world where traditional missionaries cannot go. We send these workers in open, legal, development roles such as education, medicine, business, agriculture, community development, human trafficking, etc. We expect all our workers to be as overt as possible in sharing their faith. As expressed in our vision statement “Mandate works to grow God’s kingdom among the least reached peoples of the world through the relationships and proactive witness of development-oriented Christian professionals.” We are currently working in South and Southeast Asia.

The Executive Director is a full-time, faith-supported position responsible for carrying out the ministry of Mandate.


  1. Explicit Christian testimony and life experience(s);
  2. Significant cross-cultural experience;
  3. Adequate formal and informal education to fulfill the duties listed above;
  4. Actively engaged in worship and ministry within a local church which is compatible with Mandate’s faith and practices;
  5. Agreement with the purpose, goals, and strategies of Mandate
  6. Able to provide and maintain personal financial support.

Additional Notes:

  1. Mandate does not have a central office. All U.S. staff work from satellite locations. This position can be filled from any location within the United States. No relocation is necessary.
  2. Mandate works closely with several overseas ministries. The person filling this position should be prepared to travel overseas at least once or twice each year.

Anyone interested can contact David Tucker, Mandate’s current executive director, at for a copy of the full job description and additional information about Mandate, as well as with any questions you might have. You can also go directly the Mandate’s website at


Various Opportunities
The James Project – Guatemala

James  Project of Latin America is looking for missionaries willing to commit to at least two years of service in Monjas, Jalapa, Guatemala. We at JPoLA believe this is a calling according to Matthew 28:19-20.

Check it out and see if this might be part of God’s plan for you.

Here is an updated list of missionary position needs and wants in random order:

  • assistant directors – only for long-term commitments
  • maintenance man
  • mechanic
  • farmhand
  • grant writer
  • team coordinator assistant
  • homeschool teacher
  • nurse/doctor
  • marketing expert
  • office assistant/secretary

One of the projects in this non-profit association is the Shadow of His Wings Home.
Look at the pictures of the children who are rescued and sent to this refuge and ask yourself if you might be called to be a part in the restoration of these lives in some form of service.

Click here for more information on Shadow of His Wings Home.
Click here for a complete list of opportunities.
Contact for more information.


English Teacher / Youth Worker
Drops of Hope – Guatemala

Drops of Hope Guatemala is looking for additional missionary help at the Youth Center/English Academy.  We are looking for at least a one year commitment, but ideally 3 years or more (to see English students through the full course).  While seeking missionaries (self or other supported financially), a small stipend per student will be given to English teachers (not enough to survive on, but a help).  The current needs are:

  • English teachers (all curriculum & materials provided) for adults (13 years and up)
  • English teachers (all curriculum & materials provided for children (7-12 years)
  • A youth minister/outreach person to develop and implement a ministry to the young people who come to hang out at the youth center.

Our basic structure is having the English Academy (approved by the national school board, students pay for classes) to not only provide English education, but to provide financially for the ministry of the youth center (both are in one building).

Missionaries must be evangelical Christians, of good testimony and reputation, already serving whole-heartedly where they are.  They should have good to excellent Spanish skills (translation will not be available) and should be independent-minded people.  Of course, some help in the period of becoming acclimated will be provided, but they must quickly learn how to care for themselves and thrive in small town Guatemala.  They will be responsible for their own housing, utilities, transportation and language development.

To read more about Drops of Hope Guatemala, see our website ( or our Facebook pages (Drops of Hope Guatemala – English, Gotas de Esperanza – Spanish).

For further discussion or information, please contact Cyndi Cope at  Looking forward to seeing what the Lord has in store!


Reach International Students
Edinburg, Texas, USA

Learn about other cultures by serving the International Students at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley in Edinburg, TX.  Students are from Asian and African countries that include Hindus, Muslims and Christians.

Duties would include cooking, cleaning, providing transportation, playing games and other social interaction to build relationships.

Looking for people in the age range of parents, grandparents and peers that are good listeners and have servant’s hearts. The person or people who take on this challenge will be expected to provide their own financial support, short term or long term.

Work with Chuck and Dawn Newell, CTEN missionaries. Temporary housing can be arranged.  Contact:



A four week Fall Internship opportunity is available in Hermosillo, Mexico.

Students will work with CTEN Missionaries Kevin and Jan Smith learning hands-on evangelism, disciple making and missions mobilization.
This is an opportunity to learn while you serve.

Dates are flexible. Housing is provided and other costs are negotiable.
Some Spanish language is preferred but not essential.

For more information contact Kevin and Jan at:


Viña Studios

CLICK to learn more about Viña Studios.
CLICK to view some of Viña’s production work.

CLICK to contact Viña for more information on any of these Help Wanted Opportunities.


Business Manager

The Business Manager would ensure Viña Studio’s business operations are carried out in a way that enables Viña to be an excellent media producer, employer and ministry partner through high quality management of staff, wise stewardship of financial and material resources, and through timely and satisfactory completion of its legal obligations and ministry commitments. Help the director delegate appropriately. Help the director develop and hold regular performance reviews of staff.  Aid in the scheduling. Develop mechanisms for tracking jobs, progress and the employees time. Eventually train a national staff member to take over your job.



We are producing a video-based series of Old Testament Bible stories and lessons for children of the majority world. We need to finish the series, but we are struggling with inconsistent funding and needing partners who have complementary skills. We need a Storyteller to share the incredible things that God is doing—here at our studio, as well as with our partners around the globe. Are you good at recognizing and telling stories, adventurous and can “rough it” a bit? Are you good at using social media and technology to share those stories? If this is you, let’s talk!


Director of Marketing and Development

As an organization we are struggling with lack of personnel, inconsistent funding and needing partners who have complementary skills. We know that there are people and organizations who would love to share the blessing—if they only knew about us. But we are focusing on what we know best and are already stretched too far. We need someone to help us form and develop strategic, missional partnerships. Or as someone put it so well: develop a photo of our mission that is so compelling, others will want to jump into the picture.


Website Developers / UX Designer

We are operating with older websites that no longer fill our needs. We need people who can build a web application / site on a CMS system (Not WordPress) writing plugins and modifications that will allow all of the content to be managed simply and efficiently by Viña staff (who don’t have web development knowledge). Develop our website to provide a Netflix-like experience for watching episodes in many languages. As well as a checkout style download option, as well as other materials and information. We could also benefit from a mobile app that interfaces with websites.


Media Specialists

We are looking for qualified people to assist in original production, and localization of the Deditos video series. The needs include audio engineers, video editors, special effects artists (Adobe AE), a traffic manager and a digital asset manager. Personnel are also needed for teams to record audio for video in locations around the globe. Some of these positions could be summer internships, others part-time or full-time, some could be done remotely. All would involve some training onsite at the Viña studios to prepare for the unique needs of serving minority peoples around the globe.


Traffic Manager

We are looking for a traffic manager to allow Viña’s Executive Director and the production staff to focus on being creative. This person would keep track of all phases of media projects to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, and things are moving smoothly. This would include scheduling staff, generating status reports and recommending process improvements. The person would work closely with the ED to learn the role. This is an administrative position, supporting several media production teams, but an understanding, or a willingness to learn about media production would be needed.