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Business Manager

The Business Manager would ensure Viña Studio’s business operations are carried out in a way that enables Viña to be an excellent media producer, employer and ministry partner through high quality management of staff, wise stewardship of financial and material resources, and through timely and satisfactory completion of its legal obligations and ministry commitments. Help the director delegate appropriately. Help the director develop and hold regular performance reviews of staff.  Aid in the scheduling. Develop mechanisms for tracking jobs, progress and the employees time. Eventually train a national staff member to take over your job.



We are producing a video-based series of Old Testament Bible stories and lessons for children of the majority world. We need to finish the series, but we are struggling with inconsistent funding and needing partners who have complementary skills. We need a Storyteller to share the incredible things that God is doing—here at our studio, as well as with our partners around the globe. Are you good at recognizing and telling stories, adventurous and can “rough it” a bit? Are you good at using social media and technology to share those stories? If this is you, let’s talk!


Director of Marketing and Development

As an organization we are struggling with lack of personnel, inconsistent funding and needing partners who have complementary skills. We know that there are people and organizations who would love to share the blessing—if they only knew about us. But we are focusing on what we know best and are already stretched too far. We need someone to help us form and develop strategic, missional partnerships. Or as someone put it so well: develop a photo of our mission that is so compelling, others will want to jump into the picture.


Website Developers / UX Designer

We are operating with older websites that no longer fill our needs. We need people who can build a web application / site on a CMS system (Not WordPress) writing plugins and modifications that will allow all of the content to be managed simply and efficiently by Viña staff (who don’t have web development knowledge). Develop our website to provide a Netflix-like experience for watching episodes in many languages. As well as a checkout style download option, as well as other materials and information. We could also benefit from a mobile app that interfaces with websites.


Media Specialists

We are looking for qualified people to assist in original production, and localization of the Deditos video series. The needs include audio engineers, video editors, special effects artists (Adobe AE), a traffic manager and a digital asset manager. Personnel are also needed for teams to record audio for video in locations around the globe. Some of these positions could be summer internships, others part-time or full-time, some could be done remotely. All would involve some training onsite at the Viña studios to prepare for the unique needs of serving minority peoples around the globe.


Traffic Manager

We are looking for a traffic manager to allow Viña’s Executive Director and the production staff to focus on being creative. This person would keep track of all phases of media projects to ensure nothing falls through the cracks, and things are moving smoothly. This would include scheduling staff, generating status reports and recommending process improvements. The person would work closely with the ED to learn the role. This is an administrative position, supporting several media production teams, but an understanding, or a willingness to learn about media production would be needed.

Short term trips

Contact Sondra Livermore for more information:

Phone: (727) 542 2276


1 to 2 week short term teams
5 to 20 people (but we are flexible)

We have team housing, hospitality and transportation available at a minimal weekly fee
We will communicate costs with you and help you get ready for your team trip
We will receive you at the airport and take care of your transportation needs
We will set up a week’s schedule of ministry and our leadership will be with you at all time.

Children’s ministry
Adult trade training
Pastoral Care ministry
Women’s ministry

Nicaragua has many needs.
So just let us know what you can do, and we’ll find a place you can be a blessing.