Partner in Prayer for February 2018

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Check our prayer calendar each month for specific prayer requests so you can pray on target.
This prayer calendar shares needs of missionaries from both CTEN USA and CTEN Canada.

Rachel Woodson

Haiti - Pray that she will have God's peace during transition to Haiti, she will be moving on February 15.


Walter and Maribel Requejo

Mexico - Please pray that the Lord would provide enough monthly sponsors to meet their ministry and personal expenses.


Dustin and Faith Minter

Macedonia - Prayer for logistics, funding, and wisdom as they continue preparing for this exciting new season in their lives.


Matt and Amy Baldwin

Thailand - Pray as they study and learn the language; protect the new relationships they have made; Safe delivery of second child due Jan 6, 2018; Increase in support for Dton Naam ministry operations.


Ed and Mary Fox

Guatemala - Pray for health and wisdom for Mary and Ed and their co-workers as they continue in the latter stages of the San Andrés K’iche’ Scripture translation.


Vidal and Cathy Perez

Guatemala - Prayer for living in remote Tectitan, home schooling, translation of Bible in Tectitan and Tectitan church they are relocating to property above their home, beekeeping, training kids club, rest in San Cristobal home.


Tim and Sara Born

Cameroon - Prayer for safety during political unrest there, health for them and the orphans and wisdom for running the ministry.


Nate and Erin Brady

Guatemala - They ask for prayers for wisdom as the ministry grows and more missionary units are needed to join their work at Chosen People International.


Chris and Beth Bruno

USA - Pray for his partnering with Big two weeks online "parenting Teens event with 50 authors (includes Chris) this September!! Beth's book is set to launch this January.


Sheri Cordes

Guatemala - Please pray that she will receive the necessary funds for a car that will enable her to do His work; also, financial funds for everyday living expenses.


Joy Ruffner

Nicaragua - Pray for her work with House of Hope that rescues sex workers. Pray for her cultural adjustment and safety as she begins her work.


Keith Britton

Costa Rica - Pray for increase in funds, time management, wisdom, and Keith's health. Residency for Keith. Legal status for the addiction center.


April Mulcahy

Uganda - Pray for the fruit that will come from the leadership training she conducted in Nepal, Mongolia, Uganda and Kenya. Pray for strength and comfort as her dad's health continues to deteriorate.


Cat (Catherine) Russell

USA - Pray for her Counseling ministry, family concerns and increase of monthly support.


Andres and Stella Casanueva

Chile - Please pray for resources to pay annual house commitment; change of family car; guidance from the Lord to Mateo (their second son) who is going to the University this year.


Ryan and Rebecca Rivetto

Peru - Please pray that they will have God's guidance and help as they continue to figure out how to do missionary work with a child with severe autism.


Amy Brock Devine

Thailand - Pray that the Christian school building in Pattaya will be made available to them and the Holy Spirit of peace is evident in this arrangement with the bond of His love prevalent. Asking God’s intervention to open the Way.


David and Lindsey Owens

Guatemala - Pray for wisdom as they continue to serve local pastors and single mothers and follow where God is leading.


Philip & Cindy Fisk

Belgium - Pray for the opening of new year at ETF; possible replacement for Phil's position in a few years; their involvement in Alive Church & International Baptist Church (home group involvement).


Heather Farrell

Honduras - Pray for God's protection, provision, and guidance as she is ministering in Honduras.


Kevin and Jan Smith

Mexico - Pray that Mexican believers would seek out relationships with the lost in their communities; to model Christ, to boldly share their faith and to make disciples.


David and Charity Zimmer

Uganda - Pray for their direction, clarity and understanding of God's timing and placement for their ministry.


Jeremy Israel

Guatemala - Pray for their adjustment to marriage and new baby girl born Oct. 10; community development programs, ministry opportunities and working with Chosen People, search for new home.


Naomi Demmon

Romania - Please pray that she would live life and do ministry intentionally, keeping her relationship and dependence on God at the center.


Kourtney Nance

Guatemala - Pray for her work with Fundaninos and transition program, language learning, transition, discipleship of teen girls at Funda.


Caleb and Amy Eby

Japan - Pray that God would provide like-minded co-laborers to work with them in their city of Gifu.


Brian and Dianalee Walrond

Canada - Pray ro them as they are new with CTEN and are in need of financial support. Pray that Dianalee can write her biography while they journey.


Art and Lisa Camarena

Guatemala - Please pray the Lord continue to provide for the expansion projects for their different Bible Study groups.